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Hello and welcome to my website. 

Things may be tough for you at this point in your life and you may need to find someone to talk to who can be objective, someone who respects your privacy and confidentiality, and someone with whom you feel completely safe and comfortable. I believe everyone could use someone like this to talk to at some point in their lives. Therapy is not somehow admitting failure or pointing blame. Therapy is an opportunity to grow, to find validation, to feel understood, to speak your mind, to discover your true feelings, and to determine what is really important to you

I would like to take some time to share with you a little bit more about me personally. I first became interested in psychology when I was in high school and I took a class on the anatomy and physiology of the brain. I was fascinated! Then, in college I became interested in counseling when I volunteered for a Crisis Helpline and then later went through bereavement training at  a local Hospice. My senior research project was in anger management training. I received my BS in Psychology from Colorado State University in 1986. 

 I began my graduate studies in 1987 continuing research and completing my Master's Thesis in the topic of anger management. For my doctoral studies and dissertation, I specialized in Women's Issues and Trauma Recovery receiving my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Colorado State University in 1993. I began my private practice in the fall of 1993. Additionally, I worked as a geropsych consultant for Denver area nursing homes from 1996 to 2007.

What I enjoy about psychology is there is always new research, new areas to study, and additional training to keep my skills sharp. I consider myself very fortunate that I can honestly say that I love what I do, I enjoy the individuals I work with, and I am honored and inspired by the trust and strength my clients demonstrate. Although my practice has moved around the Denver area a couple of times, I plan on continuing to practice in my Wheat Ridge location for hopefully many more years.

When not at my office or consulting with other professionals I enjoy swimming, yoga, pilates, walking my dogs, skiing, reading, and gardening. Personally, I am working on trying to practice what I teach. There is always room for more practice.


Lora Eiswerth-Cox, Ph.D.

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